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02 Jan 2004 11:43 andre0871

Using cdbackup on FreeBSD
I'm trying to use it in a BSD system, but there's an error when I'm compiling:

"Makefile", line 27: Could not find .dependencies
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

Happy new year!

02 Jun 2003 09:14 knowmad

Re: This is a good thing
You should check out multicd . It can be "configured to run in a mode where it simply creates a series of image files, without burning anything to discs. Some people find this useful if they want to burn the CDs later."


25 Mar 2003 12:33 holneuma

This is a good thing

I'm using cdbackup to backup my server and it works fine.
I have to backup a lot of stuff, so I'm wondering if there is a possibility to build ISO-Images on the hard disk and burning the CDs the next weekend.
Do you have an idea to to that with cdbackup.




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