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Common C++ RTP

Common C++ RTP is an experimental threadsafe RTP stack for use with Common C++. It uses a service thread to both schedule outgoing packets and organize arriving packets. Queued lists of packets are maintained both for sending and receiving, and packet payloads can be mixed such as for passing RTP telephony events. Recent builds of GNU ccRTP are also available for building handheld softphone clients using Open Embedded.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Jun 2011 17:20

    Release Notes: This release builds using GNU uCommon as its required base library. It also includes a fix for srtp padding and for compiling with g++ 4.6.

    •  16 Dec 2008 22:18

      Release Notes: Code cleanup, bugfixes for RTP sender info, and merging of Debian patches upstream.

      •  17 Apr 2008 04:31

        Release Notes: Lots of bugs were fixed, mostly related to rtcp and support for "make-in-place" builds.

        •  01 Oct 2006 23:26

          Release Notes: Brand new support has been introduced for Secure RTP Profile (srtp) as per RFC 3711. This release also supports a new add-on package, libzrtpcpp, that directly offers native zfone (zrtp) compatible encryption capabilities to Common C++ RTP based applications. This is the first softphone client to use both Common C++ RTP srtp and zrtp support.

          •  18 May 2006 05:44

            Release Notes: Changes have been made to improve packet scheduling and queing. A new sendImmediate mode has been added to simplify application design and reduce latency when joining RTP sessions. IPv6 support was introduced.


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