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Common Configuration Parser

Common Configuration Parser (CCP) is a program that reads configuration files and upgrades them. It takes an oldfile (typically the configuration file currently in use) and a newfile (typically the default new configuration file) and optionally a template (a file that describes how the generated configuration file should look) and merges the files into one, creating a new configuration file that has the changes made to the old file in addition to the new options included in the new file. It is completely independent of the program that created the configuration file, and can be used for many different purposes such as merging changes between an old user-edited configuration file and a .rpmnew file generated by RPM during upgrades.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2006 18:35

    Release Notes: Minor fixes and changes to the man page. All warnings now start with "CCP: warning", and command line options have been added to the debugging file.

    •  30 Jan 2006 22:49

      Release Notes: This release adds support for different --types. It adds support for ini-files. --paranoid, --noorphans, and --no-uncomment have been deprecated by --set ParanoidMode, --set NoOrphans, and --set NoTemplateUncommenting. Minor changes to the --bug output. A bug that could cause certain options not to work in autogenerated templates has been fixed.

      •  22 Jan 2006 09:54

        Release Notes: The program can now automatically uncomment options in --newfile that have been uncommented in --oldfile when using a template generated on the fly. A --bug option that outputs a file containing useful information that can help reproduce a bug or problem was added. Automated tests were added in an attempt to make sure no regressions happen between versions.

        •  13 Jan 2006 23:32

          Release Notes: A bug that would cause invalidly orphaned options when more than one "=" occurred on the same line has been fixed. A debugging mode has been added.

          •  12 Jan 2006 21:59

            Release Notes: This release fixes handling of ; comments (php.ini can now be successfully upgraded). The CCP_DISABLE and CCP_PARANOID environment variables have been added, as well as ccp paranoid mode. Some additional error recovery code has been added. --ifexists now works as documented.


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