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ccgo is a client program for the IGS Go server, an SGF viewer, and a front end to gnugo written in C++ using gtkmm. It has simple interfaces aimed to be fast and reliable for people who just want to play or observe games of Go.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Apr 2005 23:02

    Release Notes: ccgo is ported to and requires gtkmm-2.4 and gconfmm-2.6. It supports command options for opening SGF files on startup or commanding an existing ccgo process to open the file. The SGF editor keeps an independent list of game records from the viewing windows, and allows multiple viewing windows on one game record.

    •  12 Jun 2004 19:46

      Release Notes: This release replaces the SGF viewer with a functional SGF editor which is built on a rewritten code base.

      •  18 Nov 2003 23:53

        Release Notes: This release allows reviving marked-dead groups when scoring local games, fixes compatibility with the new IGS protocol, fixes ignored handicaps in importing SGF files, and allows undo when playing with a computer.

        •  26 Sep 2003 16:21

          Release Notes: This release supports SGF files with the handicap setup at the root node. It also allows handicaps in matches with gnugo. More translated messages and memories of window sizes have been added.

          •  23 May 2003 17:59

            Release Notes: This release fixes the board size flucuation problem, inaccurate time keeping, some unrecognized IGS messages, hanging IGS login, and singlegame toggling. Also, to be consistent with the Go server, fake eyes are no longer removed when scoring an IGS match.


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