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07 Jan 2003 19:44 tridge

Re: Patches

Most of these changes are in 2.1, except for the copy_permissions() code. I suggest an equivalent method using umask and directory permissions in the docs instead.

21 Oct 2002 16:03 afuruhed

I think ccache is one of the best additions to the development tool chain/box in a number of years.
I have made changes to fix a few problems that we had with ccache. By using a shared ccache among our group of developers, the compile times are cut drastically in situations such as when new code has been pulled from the SCM repository.

Our updates can be found here:

04 Jun 2002 23:49 bootswork

Use this with ccache...
See also distcc (, which works well with ccache (or by itself). It distributes the work of compilation across several machines on a network.

24 May 2002 16:29 msilveira

Outstanding tool for packagers!
Ccache is simply great. Wether you are playing with some source code or you're a software packager, ccache will save you precious time on recompiling. For some like me, with a slow computer (P2-266), recompiling glibc because you have mistyped something or whatever mistake you've done means other two hours-waiting, that's when ccache gets into the scene to save the world, much like a "C compiling super-hero".

It will simply get the pre-compiled, disk-cached, ready-to use "pieces", and your CPU will have to handle the simple job of putting all those "pieces" together, instead of spending time processing all the arithimetics again. ;)

(Just imagine how pissed you'll get if you have forgotten something in openoffice's compile procedure, and realized that mistake when you're about to install or package it!? :-O ... err)

Great Job Andrew...

Great Job Erik...


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