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Cbrowser is a very feature-laden front end to the popular source code indexing and querying program cscope. It is also designed to work with the free alternative to cscope called cs. It provides a source code browser and function call tree hierarchy.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jul 2000 23:41

    Release Notes: More navigation options, use of Tk 8.0 style menus, and support for the xz source code searching tool.

    Recent comments

    13 Apr 2007 13:01 viric

    Re: Yes, I can contact the author
    You have patches submitted into against the freezes... I submitted one of them.
    It's a pitty the main branch is not maintained, and those patches are forgotten. But I suggest every user picking them from the web, and applying them.

    I have also some other patches, for adding line numbers to the main window or for using a bigger font. Contact me through freshmeat if you want.

    The worst bug I find is that the reading from the cscope pipe sometimes breaks the filenames, as the read loop is awful. But I don't know how to make it better in tcl, although I thought on it.

    But the tool in general is really nice. Really!

    06 Jul 2000 19:10 cfelaco

    Yes, I can contact the author
    because I am the author! I got a little sidetracked with my day job (for about 2 years)!

    You can now find cbrowser alongside cscope at The latest version is 0.8, which fixes a few problems.

    The stability problems I found were mainly with the syntax highlighting in certain files. I usually turn it off. I read that Tcl 8.3 has fixed a regexp bug that would go into an infinite loop, and I suspect that this is the cause of that lockup. I haven't tested to confirm this, but I did want to mention it anyway.

    05 Jul 2000 17:03 esotirescu

    Re: great tool but unstable
    A comment on my earlier comment:
    cbrowser works fine, but only if your code has a main function. The instability I mentioned before is caused by code that doesn't contain a main function.

    05 Jun 2000 12:29 esotirescu

    great tool, but unstable
    This is a great tool, unfortunately it freezes too often to be useful (for example the call tree feature, immediately locks the program and it has to be killed).

    03 Mar 2000 15:16 eddygeez

    Anybody know how to contact the author?
    The e-mail address for the author listed in the README file bounces and I'd like to report a small bug. Other than the one problem I've found, this is a very useful tool!


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