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13 Aug 2007 12:18 mesmerism

project renamed (again)

CFL has been renamed 'cbase', since there's another project called "CFL" (Configuration File Library).

25 Jun 2002 22:50 mesmerism

Library will be renamed
I will be renaming this library in a future release. Many people are confusing the "PING Utility Library" with the "ping" ICMP utility. Judging by my httpd log, many Win98 script kiddies and h4x0r d00dz are doing google searches for "ping utility" and finding their way to my website. In order to disassociate myself from that mess, I will probably be naming this library "mango" or something similar. This means that all function names will probably be changed to reflect a new prefix (such as "M_"). To ease in transition, I will be providing a compatibilty header.


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