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Caudium is a single process multi-threaded Web server. It has a built-in pre-processing language and XSLT support. The server also comes with a fast log parser. Configuration is easily done using a Web-based GUI.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Apr 2008 10:22

    Release Notes: Stability enhancements related to SSL and CGI functionality are included in this release. In addition, a number of smaller compatibility and performance bugs have been resolved.

    •  17 Dec 2007 17:22

      Release Notes: This is primarily a stability and bugfix release. Users should experience greatly improved startup times and stability over previous releases when also using Pike 7.6.112 or higher.

      •  16 Oct 2006 17:41

        Release Notes: This release includes lots of fixes, new features, and speed improvements. Lots of code has been rewritten because of licensing issues. This is the brand new branch that support Pike 7.6 natively. IPv6 support has been added, as well as "Bonjour" support. Support for a Roxen compatible <emit></> tag was added. Lots of new features were added.

        •  12 Nov 2004 13:52

          Release Notes: Bugs related to the Virtual Hosting System (VHS) have been fixed. RXML parsers now send the correct content-type header when a non-HTML document has been parsed. VHS can now log with the wwwDomain LDAP parameter. There's a new module, Switch File. Floats are now handled correctly on RXML. The Gsession store is no longer bugless. htaccess can now be used with VHS. A mimetype for XML stylesheets has been added. A fix has been made for cache issues with SSI compatibility and dynamic URLs/files.

          •  28 Oct 2004 14:02

            Release Notes: This release fixed the Watchdog and starting subsystems, internal variables issues, and RXML issues. Solaris portability problems were fixed. The error module now sends the correct HTTP error code instead of a 401. The Pikegraphy module now supports filenames with spaces. Compatibility problems with the Pike Crypto toolkit were fixed.


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