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Castle Game Engine

Castle Game Engine is a cross-platform 3D game engine written in Object Pascal. It includes a flexible system of 3D objects, with out-of-the-box levels, items, intelligent creatures, and more. Rendering and processing of 3D models in X3D, VRML, Collada, and other formats is implemented. Many graphic effects are available, including shadows, bump mapping, shaders, mirrors, and screen effects.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 May 2014 18:31

    Release Notes: The main feature of this release is support for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Rendering on mobile platforms uses OpenGLES 2.0 and supports most of the graphc effects available on desktops. Asset reading and logging are nicely integrated in the engine. This way, you can easily compile a single game source code to various platforms. Many improvements to the 2D API were done, resulting in a flexible TGLImage class and themeable default 2D controls. Font reading and rendering was reimplemented to use the FreeType library, making it possible to read a font at runtime and render it with anti-aliasing.

    •  05 Feb 2013 19:22

      Release Notes: This release adds small fixes and improvements to font-related units and examples.

      •  04 Feb 2013 19:18

        Release Notes: A new API for developers to use and extend creatures, levels, items, and custom 3D objects. A new system of creating resources and levels where basic 3D game features can be expressed in game data without the need to modify source code. New engine documentation was created: tutorial, classes overview, and a guide to creating game data. Many improvements to navigation, screen effects, and other engine parts were made.


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