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30 Aug 2005 09:22 artenum

New features in Cassandra
New plug-ins and Python scripts are available on the

Cassandra's Web site.

The Artenum Team.

05 Jul 2005 01:09 artenum

A new Python/Jython scripts corner
A new Python/Jython scripts corner has been added to the project. This page contains processing scripts and additionnal data and examples. They illustrate how to use Cassandra through the Jython console.

All scripts are hosted on a So6 synchroniser, a new versioning system, included in the LibreSource platform.

The Artenum's team.

22 Jun 2005 06:13 artenum

Update of the Cassandra's Web page: forum and bugs-tracker

A public forum and a bug tracker have been opened on the Cassandra's Web page. Questions, comments, detected bugs and feedbacks are the very welcome.

Cassandra's forum:

Cassandra's bug tracker:


The Artenum's team.


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