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Cash is a shell written in C for Linux. As of now, it is rather minimal, and in the Alpha phase. It has tab completion, keeps a history file in the user's home directory, and has emacs-like line editing. More features will be added regularly.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Back to 1.0.0 27 Jul 2012 17:31

Since the versions got a little messed up, and jumped around, I'm taking cash, as it is, back to 1.0.0. I will now be trying to follow a "release with major features and big bug fixes" schedule. Of course, bugs will require a little more pop to necessitate a version bump. In other news, there have been a few bug fixes, and a directory stack added, which seems to work as intended. Go download, test it out and give some feedback!

Recent releases

  •  05 Dec 2012 04:21

    Release Notes: There are some major features in this release. Uninstall built-in: uninstall its own directory and any files it has created. Cash-files built-in: show what files cash has open. This release has more verbose logging output thanks to vprintf and friends. There has been some major restructuring and fixing.

    •  30 Nov 2012 01:24

      Release Notes: This release adds the ~/.cash directory, which cash.log, cash.history, and cashrc now call home. If this directory doesn't exist, cash creates it, giving the user read/write/execute permissions. This release changes the default prompt and fixes the function which writes it to the rcfile if it didn't exist before. It fixes a memory leak in get_current_directory(). Logging now has a timestamp.

      •  22 Jul 2012 21:11

        Release Notes: This release reworks a few things, completely guts and rebuilds the built-in system (it's now much cleaner and easier to understand and work with), removes commenting (i.e., using a "#" in front of a string) deletes "cash.h" (it had little in it which could be put into "include.h"), and includes tweaks, fixes, and hacks.

        •  03 Jun 2012 01:59

          Release Notes: Some new features have been added, including the ability to change options while in a running shell via a built-in, and the ability to view what options are set (also via a new built-in). Some bugs have been fixed.

          •  27 May 2012 17:05

            Release Notes: This is the first (mostly) stable release of Cash. It includes line editing and history file writing using the GNU Readline and GNU history libraries. The logging has been revamped; it now keeps a log in ~/.cash_log instead of cluttering up /var/log/messages. Tab completion for files and directories works. Emacs-like line editing works. A config file kept in ~/.cashrc works. A custom prompt can be specified there.


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