Projects / is a Python class library that implements two classes, playing_card and card_deck. The card_deck class acts like a standard Python list object that contains playing_card objects and has several built-in convenience methods like deal() and shuffle().


Recent releases

  •  29 Feb 2004 02:26

    Release Notes: This release merges user patches for hand returns, drops the custom shuffle routine for random.shuffle, updates the documentation, and moves to using distutils for "Normal Installations".

    •  12 Jul 2000 07:26

      Release Notes: Major improvement to the classes. Lots of code clean up. Card_deck class object is now available to the programmer as a standard Python list object. Some functionality changes will break older versions of card_deck objects (auto-population, for one).

      •  14 Jun 2000 09:46

        Release Notes: Initial release.


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