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CapiSuite is an ISDN telecommunication suite providing easy-to-use telecommunication functions which can be controlled from Python scripts. It uses a CAPI-compatible driver for accessing the ISDN-hardware, so you'll need a CAPI-compatible driver. CapiSuite is distributed with two example scripts for call incoming handling and fax sending. They provide a multi-user answering machine with fax recognition, remote inquiry, and fax receiving/sending functions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2004 21:49

    Release Notes: This release fixes long-standing fax cropping issues and mail delivery problems, as well as two crashes caused by unexpected CAPI messages and incorrect configuration entries.

    •  19 Jan 2004 00:10

      Release Notes: This release fixes some small bugs in the default scripts, such as problems with switching from voice to fax mode and problems with users configured only for voice services. It improves the quality of the emailed voice files. DDI (which is needed for ISDN lines running in PtP mode, "Anlagenanschluss" in Germany) is now supported. If no major bugs are found, this will be the last bugfix release of the 0.4.x series. Updating is recommended for all users having problems with existing versions.

      •  21 Jul 2003 20:21

        Release Notes: This will be one of the last releases of the 0.4.x series. It fixes some important bugs reported by several people in the last weeks. One of the oddest bugs which hit many Red Hat users and some SuSE users is now fixed. Some minor features have been added, like color fax reception and the ability to add comments to fax jobs.

        •  28 Apr 2003 02:14

          Release Notes: This release fixes annoying problems and includes some much wanted small new features. Some problems in faxing are fixed: reception of long faxes (> 40 pages), the one-hour send delay (daylight saving time... :-( ) and some problems in command line parsing of capisuitefax. The attachments to sent email messages get a valid filename now. Multiple mail addresses per user are possible, and the Austrian global call (and other strange providers who transmit no destination number in some cases) is supported. The manual is available in PDF format.

          •  05 Apr 2003 11:10

            Release Notes: A bug in the cron script that allowed every CapiSuite user to become root was fixed. The RC script was fixed, and new tests were included for compatibility with GCC 2.95 and 3. The program now respects controller abilities when connecting (for example, by using extended fax protocols if available). This also works around a severe crash with the AVM drivers when transmitting a fax to or from some analog devices.


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