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capircvd is a voice/fax gateway. It receives fax (G3) and voice-calls using an ISDN-Bus, an AVM ISDN-Card (active or passive) and CAPI20 from isdn4linux, or AVM. It can be used on either P2P (with DDI) or P2M S0-bus. After reception, it can process files (send as mail) using an external handler (included).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2000 12:27

    Release Notes: This release now works all AVM ISDN-cards for which a CAPI-driver exists, and you can configure when to begin the recording (while/after the announcement) or disable it.

    •  14 Jul 2000 19:17

      Release Notes: Fixes for a memory leak and the "exec"-Handler mixing up called- and calling-party numbers, ability to turn off the use of a Controller with "dontuse" in capircvd.conf, and the ability to create new sections and delete options and sections with the telnet-interface.

      •  26 Jun 2000 09:54

        Release Notes: Signal handling changed. You can now use SIGHUP to reload configuration and SIGUSR1 to save capircvd.state. Debugging can be turned on in the configuration file. The external handler "capircvd.handler" now uses "real" message-ids. In previous versions all mails had the same id, thus appearing in one thread when using mailers like Messenger.

        •  21 Jun 2000 18:32

          Release Notes: Initial announcement.


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