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Cantus is an easy to use tool for tagging and renaming MP3 and OGG/Vorbis files. It has many features including mass tagging and renaming of MP3s, the ability to generate a tag out of the filename, filter definitions for renaming, recursive actions, CDDB (Freedb) lookup (no CD needed), copy between ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags, and a lot more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Apr 2004 15:04

    Release Notes: An OGG/Vorbis plugin and a Tag-to-Filename plugin have been implemented. German, Spanish, French, and Polish language files have been added. Some small GUI improvements have been made and End User Documentation has been added.

    •  03 Apr 2004 21:46

      Release Notes: Cantus has been completely reimplemented. There is no "Queue" anymore. Instead, a file browser has been added directly to the main window. Plugin support has been added, and all tools are now shown in a context sensitive manner. It is now possible to choose the position of the tools in the GUI. A file copy plugin has been added. Support for internationalization was improved. A completely new installer has been created to replace automake. Many other changes were also made.

      •  13 Oct 2003 00:36

        Release Notes: The ability to generate a tag from the filename has been added. Some automake issues were also fixed, and a spec file has been added.

        •  28 Sep 2003 19:11

          Release Notes: A bug where pattern matching did not always work has been fixed. Several segfaults were also fixed.

          •  27 Sep 2003 08:25

            Release Notes: The queue displays now both ID3 and ID3v2 tags at once. Several automake issues were fixed.

            Recent comments

            28 Oct 2003 06:06 spiritlover

            doesn't work but thanks
            It opens the window but it never fills in the details and finishes the startup. (slack9.1)
            So I REALLY appreciate the uninstall-file you included! :)

            17 Jun 2003 00:54 knipknap

            Cantus back to life
            I've just prepared the first snapshot of Cantus 2, so Cantus *is* no longer dead.


            27 Feb 2003 07:18 knipknap

            Re: Development stopped.

            > I see that a new release came out today,
            > with debian maintainer info added to the
            > AUTHORS file, will there be active
            > development, just bugfixes, or none of
            > the above?

            For the 1.05 release only bugfixes are planned.

            This project has been taken over by Josh Hoyt.
            Josh has already put a lot of effort in the project, but at the moment we are moving forward quite slow. Also, the CVS version is broken at the moment.

            However, there will be development in the future and the next release will probably come with major changes so this project is no longer dead.


            26 Feb 2003 16:43 unclespeedo

            Re: Development stopped.

            > Development ate up too much of my time
            > so this project is now dead.
            > Everyone interested in taking over
            > Cantus is welcome.
            > Find the sources are at

            I see that a new release came out today, with debian maintainer info added to the AUTHORS file, will there be active development, just bugfixes, or none of the above?

            30 Dec 2002 12:59 spiritlover

            Re: Great idea!
            No problem..I figured out what it is, it happens when the only change is from capital to small letters, and there's no other change to be made. It seems those are strictly cosmetic and so it doesn't see them as different things. So I leave them and it's fine. :)

            Thanks for a great tool!!

            > It is probably a Cantus problem, but
            > from my site development has stopped.


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