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Camserv is an extremely modular program for streaming video from your Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and BSDi machine to Web clients. Filters can be added for text on the displayed window and for anything else one wants to add. It's also very portable because of the modularity of the camera plugin modules, and includes a relay agent which allows the stream to be run more easily on low-bandwidth connections, masqueraded machines, and less-powerful machines. The relay agent can be connected to another relay agent for endless mirroring and paths.


Recent releases

  •  16 Sep 2002 04:47

    Release Notes: This version adds YUV->RGB conversion, and cleans up other features.

    •  11 Mar 2002 14:38

      Release Notes: This change includes patches from various contributors and numerous bugfixes in both the build and installation layouts. The gdk-pixbuf and imlib2 filters should now work properly.

      •  14 Feb 2000 19:05

        Release Notes: Updated support for NetBSD, FreeBSD, and BSDi, including tunable channels and channelsets, support for gdk-pixbuf and Imlib2 image filters, examples for IE, and minor bugfixes.

        •  22 Nov 1999 20:36

          Release Notes: Numerous bug fixes, new support for FreeBSD bttv devices, improved portability, new imlib2 filters, support for non-NTSC devices, removed glib dependencies, and more examples of module programming.

          •  28 Oct 1999 16:05

            Release Notes: A new relay program which effectively allows 'mirror'ing of a Web server, and RPM packages.

            Recent comments

            11 Apr 2000 19:32 jeremyf

            Windows 2000
            Netscape 6 on win32 does not seem to work with images streamed from camserv 0.42

            24 Jan 2000 14:11 bgarlock

            Camserv 0.40
            This is a nice little application, which allows you to use any bttv supported board/camera. It compiled "out of the box" for me on RH 6.0, with a homegrown 2.2.14 kernel. I updated my bttv to the latest (0.6.4h), and replaced the header files that came with the kernel, with bttv's.

            Another nice feature, is that the "cleient" is any web browser. You may also add custom graphics to spruce up your web-cam.


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