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Cain performs stochastic and deterministic simulations of chemical reactions. It can spawn multiple simulation processes to utilize multi-core computers. It stores models, simulation parameters, and simulation results (populations and reaction counts) in an XML format. In addition, SBML models can be imported and exported. The models and simulation parameters can be read from input files or edited within the program. Solvers are implemented as command line executables, which makes it easy to launch batch jobs and simplifies the process of adding new solvers. Solvers include Gillespie's direct method, Gillespie's first reaction method, Gibson and Bruck's next reaction method, Tau-leaping, and Hybrid direct/tau-leaping.


Recent releases

  •  21 Dec 2010 07:11

    Release Notes: This version introduces significance testing for transient solutions and improves handling of SBML files. In addition, examples from the DSMTS are now presented in the documentation.

    •  25 Sep 2010 21:21

      Release Notes: This release features support for events and expanded documentation.

      •  24 May 2010 22:38

        Release Notes: This release features improved plot configuration and more data export options.

        •  15 Feb 2010 05:52

          Release Notes: This version features improved plotting for histogram output. The solvers for the Mac OS X distribution are now universal binaries. The MS Windows distribution has been updated to use Python 2.6.

          •  02 Jan 2010 01:19

            Release Notes: This release supports current operating systems such as Snow Leopard and Windows 7. It features a better plotting interface, expanded documentation, and improved histogram solvers.


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