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Cafeterra is a message queue-based EAI project with a Web user interface for designing, processing, and monitoring inter-application data flows. Supported connectors are based on an RDBMS, flat files (CSV, fixed length record, XML, HL7, HTML, etc.), LDAP, and SOAP, with others planned. The main features are message tracking and archival, joining different connectors, an internal scheduler, and raising the flow on events.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2004 09:44

    Release Notes: This release fixes an issue where the file was truncated during the packaging.

    •  04 Jul 2004 16:09

      Release Notes: New features include support for POP3 and IMAP, and support for the Perl language in addition to the SQL language for Getmsg, SendMsg, SendMsgBis, AckMsg, and GlobalAck. A Perl script was evaluated during design to check for any syntax errors. A sample to download is now available. Bugfixes were made.

      •  23 Mar 2004 01:58

        Release Notes: The installation, upgrade, and context management procedures were unified and optimized using a Web interface exclusively. The Object Export/Import utility is now available through a Web interface. Flow processe may be easily started and stopped using the Web interface. The monitoring user interface was enhanced. The Web services using SOAP were re-engineered and retested. New user procedures were added. The flow engine was enhanced.

        Recent comments

        19 Aug 2004 10:41 ataleb

        Development of Cafeterra V3 - Help and suggestions needed
        Last month, I announced a new release of Cafeterra. The main aim of this project is to give companies a simple way to develop theirs integration processes. And that's why I chose perl and a relationnal database as the core for Cafeterra. I think that a lot of stuff is done. But there is a lot of things to do. To give more chance to achieve the goal, I would like that other people participate to the next version of Cafeterra. If you have any suggestion or if you want to participate in the development process, please give a look to this forum : Cafeterra V3 Forum


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