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24 Mar 2010 21:35 Nykodemuz

Why this game appears in the Spanish tag??

PD: Im a Peruvian Programmer and i want to help anyone in game development!

13 May 2004 02:19 rvb

Got hit by shot
really a fun game with great ideas (like the flying tanks, lol) ... i play it very often, it is totally addictive. :)

Too bad that mesa is such a slow software renderer, because then i would be able to play it on my slower computers that lack 3D acceleration.

20 Apr 2002 20:02 Flerbular

You stole my GF!
Your game has taken over my girlfriend. She won't let me at my machine now as she can't stop playing bzflag. Wow! Well done!

It is a very addictive game!

Keep up the good work!

17 Mar 2002 15:02 sputti

bzflag (-:
YesSir, im a bzflag addicted too... bzflag is one of the best games outta there. :-)

05 Aug 2001 01:17 zozo2001

this game rock
Everyone should het this game .. it rules, my whole family loves it !!!


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