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BW whois is a modern whois client that works as a full-featured Web application or as a commandline tool. It is flexible and configurable with self-detecting CGI support, multiple security options in the CGI mode, a mature TLD table, database caching (using MySQL or PostgreSQL), and many more options and features.


Recent releases

  •  17 Sep 2010 17:20

    Release Notes: Documentation updates, included missing .sql files in the distribution.

    •  16 Sep 2010 20:26

      Release Notes: This release adds support for SQLite databases (these are fast and simple). There are a few bugfixes and feature enhancements.

      •  10 Aug 2006 05:48

        Release Notes: Multiple outgoing IP addresses are supported to help with whois servers that block based on queries per IP address. Support was added for PostgreSQL in addition to MySQL for database features. Support for mod_perl was improved, and support for non-standard whois servers (like was improved.

        •  02 Aug 2003 02:03

          Release Notes: This is a beta release of BW Whois 4.0. New features include normalized XML output, a modular output framework with an XML-based filter system for parsing different registrar whois formats, and new support for PostgreSQL (in addition to the existing MySQL support).

          •  28 Jan 2003 02:39

            Release Notes: This update fixes an incompatibility with the new .ORG registry's "thin" whois server. There are also a few other bugfixes and minor feature improvements.

            Recent comments

            11 Dec 2002 19:25 live

            Definite must...
            Works perfectly. I'd even go as far as saying this whois client should replace the "standard" that's used in most distributions. :)

            05 Jun 2002 15:36 cozgo


             This program is very good, It is a modern SRS. This program is
            avialable for public. However The programmer got problem ; All of his servers
            were recently stolen. It has cost thousands of dollars and hundereds of hours
            to get up and running again. Help is appreciated now more than ever. Please
            click below for donate

            A plea for help:
            All of my servers were recently stolen (
            It has cost thousands of dollars and hundereds of hours
            to get up and running again. Help is appreciated now more than ever.

            The development of Bill Weinman's open source software, and free
            services such as this web site, are supported by your
            voluntary contributions. Please consider a donation of any amount.
            Paypal accepts all major credit cards and other payment methods as well.

            The author of this web site is available to help you
            install this program, or for other short-term
            technical assistance.
            [more (]

            29 Nov 2000 20:48 corriher

            This program works well, and automatically helps to compensate for problems with the new whois system.
            I give it a thumbs up, and send thanks the author.


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