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Buildtool is a set of integrated utilities which make programs more portable and easier to build on any kind of Unix-like system.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Jul 2004 04:20

    Release Notes: Major highlights include support for work directories (to avoid polluting the source tree during a build), a complete rewrite of bt_logic's core (faster and with less bugs), and a framework to run uninstalled programs. There have also been minor additions of features, like new checks in the bt_config module, and "destdir" support during installation of packages. Multiple bugs have been fixed and some details have been cleaned up (the default directory names don't have the version hardcoded in them any more).

    •  04 Feb 2004 19:01

      Release Notes: bt_make and bt_wrap modules have been finally dropped in favour of the new bt_logic (a shell-based make-like utility). Several new checks have been added to bt_config. Support for a make-like '+=' operator has been added to bt_sh. Support for pkgconfig files and command line syntax has been added to bt_pkgflags. There have been several bugfixes. On the documentation side, a tutorial for developers has been added to the manual.

      •  05 Sep 2003 21:09

        Release Notes: The qt_program type was added to bt_logic, which is useful for building QT programs (this type adds support to automatically generate the .moc files). Logging functionality was added to bt_logic to help debugging and to let the developer know what's happening. A standard documentation directory was added to all configuration scripts, and package documents are installed into it by default. Support for long options on the command line was added to all modules that still did not include it. Multiple bugfixes were made.

        •  31 Aug 2003 20:45

          Release Notes: All package control files were unified into a single file,, for simplicity. The bt_sh module was added, a small and very fast shell interpreter with extra functionality used intensively by Buildtool code. A new make-like utility was added, using the bt_logic name; it is also controlled through shell scripts, and will hopefully avoid many problems exposed by bt_make. This version means a radical change in the development of the project; a package conversion script is included to simplify things. There are also some bugfixes.

          •  24 Jul 2003 12:39

            Release Notes: The bt_wizard module was added, which creates a basic project skeleton automatically. Check result caching was added to many checks in configuration scripts. The bt_swcgen module was added, which aids the administrator in the generation of system-wide configuration files by caching results. The manual was rewritten and converted to Docbook. The configuration script handling was unified, and some new program checks were added. Support for long options was added to almost all modules, and usage messages were improved a lot. The code was cleaned up and reorganized. Many bugs were also fixed.


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