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Build Gear is a lightweight build tool for building embedded firmware. Its primary focus is to make it easy to create and maintain fully-customized embedded firmware. This is reflected in a straightforward commandline interface and support for easy-to-understand build files. The secondary focus is build performance and build integrity. Build Gear is easy to use and well-suited for rapid prototyping and product development of GNU/Linux firmware to be deployed in small-to-medium-sized embedded systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 2013 21:37

    Release Notes: This is a feature and bugfix release. It adds support for generating software manifests of the components involved in builds. It adds automatic rebuilding in case any build file sources (patch files, scripts, etc.) are updated. SSH-agent is now consulted for authentication of SFTP downloads. Various bugfixes.

    •  29 May 2013 06:19

      Release Notes: Bugs were fixed and build log rotation was added.

      •  09 Apr 2013 14:22

        Release Notes: This is a feature and bugfix release. The most important new feature includes improved support for secure downloading of sources via any protocol that libcurl supports. In particular, this improvement is introduced to include support for sftp:// and scp:// type source URLs that make use of SSH keys for restricted access. This is useful if you want Build Gear to download and build proprietary applications from source hosted on access restricted servers.

        •  08 Apr 2013 19:05

          Release Notes: This is a feature and bugfix release. New features include support for secure downloading of source via ftps:// and https:// type URLs and support for SVG load chart generation for profiling system CPU and memory load during the build process. Also included is the first draft of the Build Gear Handbook documentation.


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