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Bugzilla is the leading open-source/free software bug tracking system, with high-profile installations at, GNOME, Red Hat, and NASA, among others. It features a comprehensive set of fields, attachment management, inter-bug dependencies, email notification of changes, a powerful query interface, reporting, and Web, XML, email, and console interfaces. It can be managed entirely using a Web-based UI. The user UI is customizable using templates.


Recent releases

  •  17 Apr 2010 01:43

    Release Notes: The new features in this major release include migration from other bug tracking systems, a simple "Browse" interface for browsing open bugs in a system, some usability improvements resulting from a scientific usability study conducted on Bugzilla, and the ability to have drop-in, easy-to-write Extensions that enhance Bugzilla's functionality.

    •  13 Mar 2010 05:11

      Release Notes: This release candidate has received QA testing, and should be considerably more stable than the development releases before it. It is still not considered fully stable, and so you should understand that if you use it, you use it at your own risk. It includes Release Notes and a listing of New Features.

      •  07 Feb 2010 21:30

        Release Notes: This release contains various useful bugfixes and security improvements.

        •  19 Nov 2009 05:04

          Release Notes: This unstable development release contains one security fix and several new features.

          •  19 Nov 2009 05:03

            Release Notes: This release fixes one security issue and a few minor bugs.

            Recent comments

            30 Mar 2012 06:53 qaz002

            Really good software bug tracking system

            08 Mar 2010 17:34 iclemartin

            devZing provides hosted Bugzilla instances for those who don't want to manage servers.

            30 Nov 2008 15:08 mattathias

            Bugzilla 3.2

            After years of working with a few free bug tracking apps, we came to the conclusion that they took too long to configure, tended to be too complex for our needs (small web boutique) and too convoluted for non-technical people. So, we wrote our own.

            Just launched it as a hosted app. Simple. Efficient. Highly effective. So easy, even clients love it. :-)

            There's a free version to check out, and an incredibly inexpensive subscription model.


            Would love feedback!

            08 Aug 2002 16:45 gerv

            Re: Bugzilla code...

            Bugzilla is a great system, but is made
            up of some of the worst Perl code I've
            ever seen. It's not modular. It uses
            techniques that would have made Perl 4
            blush for sharing global variables.
            There's just too much to know where to

            This is far less true now than it ever was. The UI is templatised, and the main CGIs were rewritten in the process for clarity and style. Bugzilla has come a long way since this comment was posted.


            22 Feb 2002 07:12 gerv

            Re: Hosted BugZilla Application on public server

            > hosts a bugzilla
            > application, where you can configure
            > your own software project bug tracking,
            > since 99.

            Not any more, it seems :-) Host not found...



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