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05 Nov 2004 23:23 kodeCharlie

Price-performance point is excellent.
After evaluating multiple vendors in the issue-tracking domain, our organization reached the conclusion that bugzero offered the most competitive pricing for almost of all of our needs. We were almost considerably impressed with the customer service, and the straightforward integration with CVS.

27 Oct 2004 04:05 czubaka

The license is wrong
The license definition is wrong.

"Free To Use But Restricted" means that the software

is free but restricted in someway. Bugzero (according

to its "pricing" page) doesn't allow restricted use

The restriction to just 5 users isn't a restriction for any

serious bugzilla-alike system. The number of 5 users

and 100 errors effectivelly disallows any serious work.

This is just a demo and yes, the demo is free.

I think the license should be

"Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial".

18 Aug 2002 05:06 billhen

GUI look and feel
I intentionally made the GUI simple and clean with little color and no graphic images. If you want it to be more colorful, you can do so easily (need some html and jsp knowledge). If you do not think the current default GUI is user friendly, make it so. I'll be very happy to know about it.

18 Aug 2002 04:45 billhen

classpath issue
If you get an error message such as class not found, it simply means that the bugzero.jar is not in the classpath. Please follow the setup program closely (instruction is different for each container), you can solve this problem easily by yourself.

18 Aug 2002 04:36 billhen

more app servers
Bugzero has now been deployed and tested on almost all the popular Servlet and J2EE servers. If you want use an app server that is not included in Bugzero's setup program, please let me know and I'll more than happy to help you out and add it to the list.


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