rs reads its input into an array of rows and columns, applies a specified transformation to the array, and writes it out with the specified number of rows and columns. It can be used to do column formatting and tidying of text, to transpose rows to columns and columns to rows (word-by-word, not character-by-character), and as a wrapper around line-oriented tools to let them handle multiline data. Rs is often distributed together with jot and lam, sometimes under the name bsd-utils.

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    19 Sep 2001 04:59 ed_avis

    The original home of this program appears to be BSD (together with 'jot' and 'lam'). There is a package for NetBSD, but the best version for Linux users seems to be the one packaged by the Athena people. Grab the source RPM and unpack it (with rpm -Uvh or unarc (/projects/unarc/)), you'll find a tarball which you can build with './configure; make' as normal. The spec files are Athena-specific so you probably don't want to rebuild the RPM itself.


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