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While the author of BSAX-J has not yet come to a final conclusion about the need for a binary XML format, BSAX is his idea of one possible encoding that leverages other XML prior art (SAX events and UTF-8, in particular). It is complete in that it can be used to perform round-trip conversions from textual XML to SAX events to BSAX binary streams, and back to SAX events and textual XML. The test code in the distribution does exactly that for a simple example XML file, and measures the difference in file size (the file is slightly smaller for the BSAX encoding of the sample file) and the difference in read time (the read time is significantly faster for the sample file).

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Recent releases

  •  22 Feb 2005 00:24

    Release Notes: The streaming encoder included in this distribution is very simple, and that is on purpose (smarter compliant encoders are possible). Before a 1.0.0 version is released, one new operation definition is planned to support pre-arranged bootstrap string tables. Once it reaches version 1.0.0, it is hoped that it will have encoders and decoders for other languages such as Perl, Python, and Ruby.


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    A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


    Project Spotlight

    TurnKey TWiki Appliance

    A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.