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Brutal File Manager

BFM (Brutal Filemanager) is a mixture between a filemanager and a 3D shoot-'em-up game. In fact, you can't really manage the files yet, just shoot them up. Be carefull when using BFM! Some weapons, such as the shotgun, have spread. So files you didn't really aim at might get ... wasted. Start BFM with the '-s' for safemode and your files shall stay unhurt. It is written in Java and uses the Java3D API.


Recent releases

  •  22 Feb 2005 06:12

    Release Notes: This is the first release in over one year, so it has accumulated a lot of small changes and bugfixes. The major changes are two new massivly destructive weapons, a blood splatter effect which occurs when files are hit, the display of image files as textures in the room, better aiming and sniper capabilities, and the ability to see the filename of the file you're aiming at. There is also an teleporter to quickly trevel between directories.

    •  13 Nov 2003 05:49

      Release Notes: Apart from bugfixes and cosmetic improvements this version also includes a config file reader, secondary fire (i.e. zoom with the sniper rifle), files placed in a pattern instead of being distributed randomly, files that change color when they are hit, more comments, and better variable names.

      •  19 Jun 2003 03:58

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        Recent comments

        09 Jul 2004 19:05 mimithebrain

        do you hate your files?
        I hate when my ./configure and make goes wrong...

        when that happens, I start BFM and beat the @$ out of

        the project. expect BFM itself of course :)


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