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06 Apr 2009 12:08 brlcad


That is probably because the .deb file is incredibly old. That is a contributed release that we don't directly maintain and nobody has stepped forward to update the .deb file for Debian users.

I would recommend downloading the latest source distribution and compiling BRL-CAD yourself. There are pretty extensive instructions in the INSTALL file.


19 Dec 2008 04:57 brian2009

Can't find glibc_2.4 in Debian

I really appreciate all the help that these forums has provided. Now I have a question:

I can run brlterm, but when I try running mged or any of the other functions for that matter it says

mged: /lib/ version "glibc_2.4" not found (required by /usr/brlcad/lib/

As I understand, Debian doesn't have a glibc_2.4, but when I do an "aptitude search glibc" I have many versions of it installed, including 2.3.6-2 and 2.7-1.

Question: should I seek out a version 2.4? (Apt-get doesn't find one) Can I get Brlcad to recognize the libs I've got?

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks again for all the help!


14 Jul 2005 21:32 brlcad


> First of all when I untar the **tar.gz

> it create a director where I download

> the package named /usr/brlcad.. and

> under this I find a lot of others

> folders.

The binary distributions of BRL-CAD expect to be installed in

/usr/brlcad so depending on your version of tar, unpacking

the tarball will either result in placing the files in /usr/brlcad

off your root or in a usr/brlcad directory in your current

directory. If it's the latter, you'll need to move the usr/

brlcad directory to /usr/brlcad in order for the modeler to

work correctly.

As for the rest of the problems you mentioned referring to,, etc -- you're reading old

installation steps for installation from a source distribution.

Once you copy the installed files to /usr/brlcad from a binary

distribution and add /usr/brlcad/bin to your path, you're

"done". The 7.4.0 release now installs more up-to-date

installation instructions that includes steps for both binary

and source installations. You can view this file here:

<a href=" /

03 Jul 2005 08:38 jerryluis

Sorry, but even if I read some description about this software I can't install it! Well I download the latest version (7.2.6) for linux, I read The html instruction but I find something of different.
First of all when I untar the **tar.gz it create a director where I download the package named /usr/brlcad.. and under this I find a lot of others folders.
First step I lauch sh -v (fortunatly I find this under /usr/brlcad/bin.
Than I should run "sh" that I can't find anywhere.
I should run "sh all" that I can't find to and identical for "sh install".
because I don't understand how I can install it can someone help me?
I have a linux redhat (CENTOS 4.1) box.
I think to start to create a /usr/brlcad/cad directory where I copy everythng I untar, or I can copy what I untar under /usr/....
Thank you all

03 Apr 2005 15:13 brlcad

Re: Binaries for Win32
There is a beta build of BRL-CAD available for developers
only at this time, and more specifically only to developers
that received the 6.x release keys through the former non-
open-source agreement. Work is presently under
development to improve the Windows support of BRL-CAD.
When it's ready, an announcement will be sure to be posted.
Join the brlcad-news mailing list (
brlcad) if you would like to get notification of that release.

03 Apr 2005 15:10 brlcad

There is extensive documentation available in pdf form on
the website ( I'd suggest starting with the
introduction page on the website or the wikipedia entry
( and then moving on
to Volume II of the tutorial series. It's a very extensive and
comprehensive introduction to MGED, the solid modeler
interface. There is also additional documentation on the
website, and in both the binary and source distributions in
the "doc" directory.

By the way, BRL-CAD was started in the early 80's, not the
70's.. ;)

01 Feb 2005 21:36 gustable

Ahh, the joy of governmentprojects from the seventies...

As ith most classified projects this one is indescipherable. Granted my limited knowhow and determinatioan has disuadded me from further explorations, but I'm afraid without any documentation (manual must be requested now that the software is open) I can't even start the program. Thankfully the open source community ought to jump on this and make it a decent 3D CAD system...FOR FREE!!

(any advice on use is appreciated,

08 Jan 2005 17:48 pascalv

Binaries for Win32
I have not found binaries for Microsoft Windows nor instructions for compiling for Windows on sourceforge, Google, nor the INSTALL and README files.

Does someboby know where I can find Win32 binaries or some instructions to compile under Win32 without commercial compiler?

Has someboby succeeded to install BRL-CAD with Cygwin/Microsoft Windows?



13 Apr 2004 18:19 bixbyru

Hmmm... where to begin?

This is the best CAD system I've ever seen.

While the interface is rather, er, esoteric, it's not hard to learn and the power of the system is unrivaled.

The description on freshmeat is misleading, both in the purpose and scope of BRL-CAD. The main reason for the structure of this package is twofold:

First, the desire to create realistic *solid* models rather than a &quot;model&quot; made from &quot;sheets and boxes&quot; increases the value of the model as a basis for real world use (manufacture) and realistic simulations including but not limited to those relevant to military use - neutron penetration, vulnerability to attack et cetera.

In other words, if I design my next homebrew helicopter in BRL-CAD (and I will) I can get real strength data for the rotors, frame et cetera.

Secondly, the CSG approach provides a POV (point of view - not Persistence of Vision) capability unmatched for scene rendering.

While obtaining this package is *very slightly* byzantine, it's very much worth the effort. Far more, in fact.

Oh yeah - the current version (as of 14/0119 April 2004) is 6.01, not 5.x.

Have fun!


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