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Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop is an implementation of the Dual N-Back mental exercise. This exercise is a mental activity that has been scientifically shown to improve your working memory (short-term memory) and fluid intelligence. The game involves remembering a sequence of spoken letters and a sequence of positions of a square at the same time. Brain Workshop includes additional challenging game modes beyond Dual N-Back.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Sep 2010 17:54

    Release Notes: This release adds many new features and challenging play modes including Quad N-Back, Dual Audio N-Back, Crab N-Back, and multi-stimulus modes. Multiple user profiles are now supported.

    •  18 Jan 2009 09:16

      Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs and adds some new configuration options. Novice Mode was renamed to Jaeggi Mode. The data and res directories can now be specified on the command line using the --datadir and --resdir parameters.

      •  15 Nov 2008 21:52

        Release Notes: Variable n-back levels can be used with any game mode. Sounds for the auditory n-back task can be selected by pressing S. New Morse Code sounds can be used with any n-back mode.

        •  09 Nov 2008 07:11

          Release Notes: This release provides a new title screen. Launching in Novice Mode will no longer cause a crash. The date axis of the progress graph will no longer skip days, and data points are now indicated with a dot. The num pad should now work properly with Arithmetic N-Back modes. Difficulty of Dual Variable N-Back has been increased slightly.

          •  02 Nov 2008 00:40

            Release Notes: This release adds single n-back modes for younger children and those who may find dual n-back too challenging. It also adds a new challenge mode, Dual Variable N-Back. The configuration file is no longer included in the distribution, so your old settings won't get overwritten. OpenAL is now the default sound driver on Linux. (Try installing package python-openal if you're having sound problems.) The pyglet library no longer needs to be installed separately.


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