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28 Aug 2002 07:56 robelix

Re: Missing header file
do you mean the following in Brahms 1.02:

BrahmsMidiRecorder.cpp: In method `class
Arts::Object_skel *
BrahmsMidiRecorder.cpp:76: cannot allocate an
object of type `BrahmsMidiRecorder_impl'
BrahmsMidiRecorder.cpp:76: since the following
virtual functions are abstract:
/usr/kde/3/include/arts/artsmidi.h:123: class
Arts::TimeStamp Arts::MidiPort_base::playTime()

Could you post the necessary changes here?

28 Nov 2001 01:52 learfox

Missing header file
The latest source package is missing an internal
locally #included header file. I tried contacting
the authors about it but got no response.

Also the web page's frames are not fully viewable
because they are obscured by their large size and
scrolling was not permitted. Had to view the
web page source just to find the right links.


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