Comments for Bouvard & Pécuchet

10 Nov 2003 10:10 jimcp

Should be in every Ant build.xml
What a find! This program really helps to understand (large, complex) software written by others.

Open Source. THANK YOU. I rated it an 8, i never rate 10, so why not a 9? As the author puts it: the diagram could be improved.

26 Sep 2002 03:11 berndwetzel

Properties not written in user home

can you please change the behaviour how properties/settings of the apllication are written (and read).
It's not a good idea to do it beside the application jar file, because there may be no write access for the user (e.g. in a central network installation). Users home directory (or userprofile under Windows NT/XP) is the right place to do that.

Thank you for a really nice application !

01 May 2002 07:39 afarello

Re: Getting Pecuchet to work
Actually the documentation is somewhat incorrect/unclear about running Pecuchet. I have uploaded a better version online ( The next releases will include it.
I hope this will solve your problem.


30 Apr 2002 17:57 kmmcdonald

Getting Pecuchet to work
I'd really like to be using these tools, but simply cannot
get Pecuchet to recognize an XML parser. I've had
particularly bizarre results with Xerces 2--putting the
xercesImpl.jar file into the standard extensions
directory (which happens to be /Library/Java/
Extensions on OS X) then prevents my Java IDE
(CodeGuide) from starting up! What the heck is the
Xerces jar doing? I've also downloaded and tried
gnujaxp and crimson, also no luck. Anyone produced a
version of Pecuchet with an XML parser built in? If my
problems are typical, that would make it a lot more



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