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BOUML is a UML 2 tool box that allows you to specify and generate code in C++, Java, IDL, and PHP. BOUML is very fast and doesn't require much memory to manage several thousands of classes. BOUML is extensible, and the external tools (named plug-outs) can be written in C++ or Java, using BOUML for their definition as any other program. UML models can be exported to HTML pages, including PNG or SVG graphics.


Recent releases

  •  15 Jul 2010 08:00

    Release Notes: This version fixes a bug in which random characters were inserted in the IDL declaration of the operation when IDL was the only selected language in the global menu languages and parameters were added through the UML tab when editing an operation. In previous releases, the default definition of a class in PHP wrongly contained the keyword ${visibility}, producing an invalid form in case the visibility is not packaged. This was fixed.

    •  28 Jun 2010 11:35

      Release Notes: In release 4.22, the state activities weren't written in the state diagrams. This has been fixed.

      •  28 Jun 2010 11:34

        Release Notes: It was not possible to reload a project where the associated diagram of a component is a deployment diagram. This was fixed. Each time you edited a dependency between a class and a package, import was again added in the proposed list of stereotypes. This was fixed. PHP 5.3 namespace management was added. Submachine state reference management was added. Enter and Exit points can now be placed on the border of their state. The profiles of the operations proposed in a list now contain the container classes of the referenced nested classes.

        •  17 May 2010 13:25

          Release Notes: In the previous releases, only the operations whose name started with an operator could contain non alphanumeric characters; this restriction has been removed. The definition of an external class for PHP was extended: if a second line is present, this one is considered to contain the expected require_once form to produce. Generation settings were added to choose how the path of the required files are generated: without path, with absolute paths, with relative paths, with path relative to the root directory, etc.

          •  19 Apr 2010 12:08

            Release Notes: Under Windows, the PNG and SVG exports of the diagrams don't work when they are done by a plug-out launched by -execnogui. (They work with -exec.) A constraint on activity and activity action was added. In Java Generator 2.20.1 and Python Generator 1.4.1, when a nested class reference was produced, the container class(es) name was missing and only the nested class's name was generated; this has been fixed. In state machine generator 1.4.2, the doActivity() operation was added to the class representing the state machine; when you apply this operation, the do activity of the current state is executed if it is not empty.

            Recent comments

            07 Nov 2007 07:30 dr_jumba

            Nice tool
            Simple and powerful UML editor. Stopped on it after using Umbrello and ArgoUML


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