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BottomFeeder is an application that reads and displays RSS and Atom-formatted feeds. RSS and Atom are syndication formats used by a large number of news sites and Web logs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jul 2007 18:11

    Release Notes: The Feedlists folder has been eliminated. Importing a feedlist now adds feeds directly to your subscription list. The separate "Searches" folder has been eliminated. Search feeds are now part of your subscription list, and are marked with a new icon. Tabs now open empty and remember their previous state. There are many other changes and enhancements.

    •  19 Sep 2006 21:01

      Release Notes: A bugfix in the update loop (old items are properly identified as seen). Bugfixes to allow online updating to work. Bugfixes in the blog posting tool.

      •  13 Jul 2006 00:23

        Release Notes: Upgraded to VisualWorks 7.4.1 as the base. Support for NTLM based proxy servers. Support for the PhotoCast module. Bugfixes for the Atom 1.0 support. A bugfix for a problem saving synchronization files. A bugfix for online to offline toggle. Ensures no attempted net queries happen when offline. UI change. All "Notification" references are now "Alert" references (consistency). Bugfixes for OPML output. A serious bug with the "connection problem" dialog has been fixed (you only get one now) If you subscribe to a feed: URL, it should work now.

        •  30 Nov 2005 17:00

          Release Notes: The feed menu was reorganized to make feed modification easier to access. Support for the "del" key (feeds/folders) was added. Bugfixes were made in the Network support libraries, which fixes the update block bug. Bugs were fixed in the item identification code, which should prevent the spurious return of old items as new. Bugfixes were made to the blog posting tool's startup. A new Quick Start Guide was added to the documentation. Bugs in the loading of example feeds from the Web site were fixed. The startup feeds were modified for new installations. Many small bugs were fixed elsewhere.

          •  19 Sep 2005 16:11

            Release Notes: Support for Atom 1.0, tabbed browsing, and additional search engine support are the main new features.


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