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Bossa is a workflow engine written in Java. The engine is very fast and lightweight, uses a very expressive Petri net notation to define workflows, does not require a RDBMS, and is very simple to use and integrate with Java applications. Actually, it was designed to be embedded. Therefore, Bossa is organized as a library to be used by server-side applications (especially Web-oriented ones) that need workflow services.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2004 21:51

    Release Notes: XML importing of case types has been added. It is possible to use the PNK as a graphical case type editor. New administrative functions were added, including the much requested explicit create/close case. A couple of bugs were fixed.

    •  12 Feb 2004 18:30

      Release Notes: Recently, a lot of incremental changes were integrated into Bossa. Most notable is the ability to query and set the case state, the introduction (in preliminary stages) of timeouts for transitions, and some improvements to the notification subsystem.

      •  19 Jan 2004 21:46

        Release Notes: This long overdue release adds improvements to case type creation. The case type API was simplified a bit and now self loops are supported. Also new to this release are support for XML, exporting the history, and other minor improvements.

        •  03 Dec 2003 21:30

          Release Notes: This release adds a historian to track events that happened in the engine. It is possible to query events by time range and filter them by case type, case, and resource. The transient Bossa was improved: it is possible to embed it deterministically with relation to time using time sources.

          •  14 Nov 2003 21:45

            Release Notes: This release fixes two nasty bugs that made it to 0.4.0: an incorrect access modifier in the constructor of BossaFactory and a subtle bug caused by the new Prevayler 2.0 transaction filtering.

            Recent comments

            21 Jan 2004 00:12 hughreid


            It would be nice if there was a choice of persistence provider in Bossa. Prevayler is a good basic system giving almost lossless persistence, but it does not scale well because it relies on all the persisted objects being in memory at the same time.
            Have a look at Turbine Torque from Apache Jakarta. Use Prevayler if you must to persist the working data and Torque to archive the rest.
            Better scalability will give Bossa a greater chance of being used in an enterprise context.



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