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Bordeaux is a Wine GUI configuration manager that runs winelib applications. It also supports installation of third party utilities, installation of applications and games, and the ability to use custom configurations.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Feb 2012 17:18

    Release Notes: This build updates winetricks, fixes a bug in the Bordeaux GUI, fixes a bug in the Cellar manager, an has other small bugfixes.

    •  11 Jun 2011 18:42

      Release Notes: File associations were fixed, including just running a .exe straight from Finder. Custom Engines should now work fine using any name you want to use. A confirm quit dialog option is available. The default Menubar name should now be the original wrapper name when it's created instead of just "Wineskin Wrapper". The Wrapper version and current engine being used show up as text on the Advanced window.

      •  19 Oct 2010 09:42

        Release Notes: This version is the first build on OpenIndiana. Wine 1.2.1 is bundled. FireFox was updated to version 3.6.8. Desktop shortcuts were fixed. Support for Safari 5.0 was added. Winetricks was updated to the latest release.

        •  03 Sep 2010 08:29

          Release Notes: This version bundles Wine 1.2, has many fixes for Steam, and adds support for IrfanView 4.27, VLC 1.1.0, Google SketchUp 7.1, and FireFox 3.6.8 with multimedia plug ins. IrfanView plugins are also installed. Internet Explorer 7 support was improved. Issues in the Bordeaux UI and Cellar Manager were fixed. The latest DIB Engine patch was applied and the latest Winetricks release is used.

          •  26 Aug 2010 09:22

            Release Notes: This version updates Firefox to version 3.6.8, fixes a bug that was in desktop shortcuts, adds support for Safari 5.0, and uses the latest Winetricks release.

            Recent comments

            28 Mar 2011 15:50 twickline

            Wineskin Pro 2.0 released with OS X 10.7 Lion support see :

            04 Mar 2011 12:31 twickline

            Introduction to Bordeaux 2011.03 for Linux, FreeBSD and PC BSD. See : for more information and screen shots!

            12 Jan 2011 15:55 twickline

            Wine-Reviews Acquires The Bordeaux Technology Group :

            17 Nov 2010 09:11 twickline

            Bordeaux 2.0.8 review here :

            01 Oct 2010 09:39 twickline

            Bordeaux now runs on OpenIndiana see : for more information and screen shots!


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