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07 Sep 2006 13:33 hpauto

Will this ever be updated for PHP5? it currently has some problems with variable names, and I can't get it to log in a user.

21 Jan 2005 11:29 floyd59

Very nice web-based bookmarks
I have looked around quite a bit for a server based bookmarks solution. I have switched over from b., which is nice too, but lacks many of the features that this project has.

It's easy to install, works fast due to a sql database instead of xml files, and is very flexible. I can't even remember how it was in the dark ages, when i lost my bookmarks regularly!

Thanks, guys for a great project. And if you need a beta tester, anytime!

10 Nov 2003 18:41 ojeda

Just what I was looking for!
Very easy to install, very easy to use, nice design, good and useful features...
Not too much ...not too little.

21 Apr 2003 11:21 pmumble

This program is awesome
I've been using Bookmark4U for a little over a year, and it has never failed me. I can access my bookmarks no matter what machine i'm on, wherever I am at. One of the really great features is the "add bookmark" link that you can add to your browser, making additions of new sites very easy.

I highly recommend this software to anyone considering it.

04 Mar 2003 22:10 tjh

Errrr, what the hell?
Where did this little application come from?

How exactly did it manage to creep up behind all the others and bash them senseless without anyone noticing?

This is really really good. Things are organised just how I like them, I can add memos and it has a calander.

It's fantastic, I'm so glad I just installed this. My start page in Mozilla has always been blank because I've never found anything worth putting there. Now I have.

Many thanks!!! Great software!


18 Feb 2002 18:13 gcostanz

I never had much use for web based bookmarks until I tried this. I love the layout, the sql database, the import/export feature and the ability to quickly add webpages to the database. Its very stable and fast, even on my PII-200 server. Great work!

31 Oct 2001 15:31 stella777

nice project, with allot of features. the check_url function is cool (with response time). especially i like the blue theme, doesnt look like microsoft. stay on it, i will use it. :)


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