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Booh is a static Web-album generator. It takes one or several series of photos and videos, and automatically builds static Web pages to browse them, creating thumbnails, etc. It features automatic rotation of portrait images, support for videos, preloading, sub-albums support, themability, a powerful GUI for editing, and more. A companion program, booh-classifier, is a tool for batch deleting/copying/moving around images/videos, and is meant to be used prior to creating a Web-album (or in isolation).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Sep 2009 13:09

    Release Notes: booh-classifier now checks removal/move permissions as soon as possible to prevent losing classification on these problems. Intensive scrolling in items in booh-classifier was reworked to avoid aborts and to improve responsiveness. Album merging and generation performance was dramatically increased. The ability to extend an album was added (e.g. an existing album may become a subalbum of a larger album). The background "find" in a new album dialog is properly killed when necessary. The AddThis bookmarking and sharing button is now included.

    •  02 May 2006 01:36

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to split thumbnails on several pages, is fully compatible with browsers with no Javascript support, automatically chooses the best images size with the browser window size, doesn't do Javascript key shortcuts when modifiers are pressed (control, alt, shift) which should avoid overriding usual keyboard shortcuts to move back and forth in history, adds gamma correction, hopefully fixes remaining potential aborts due to missing/wrong thread synchronization, and dramatically improves HTML generating speed (a typical regeneration of album goes down from 28.5 secs to 5.0 secs).

      •  30 Dec 2005 09:22

        Release Notes: A subalbum may be removed directly in the treeview. The ability to restore deleted images, videos, and subalbums was added. Pictures may be sorted by EXIF date. A fix was made for yet another small bug which was probably triggered by using gtk+-2.8.9 and which prevented booh from showing the album after merging. Subalbums may be moved directly to the top or bottom.

        •  15 Dec 2005 09:41

          Release Notes: A small bug that prevented startup, which was probably triggered by using GTK+ 2.8.9 was fixed.

          •  06 Dec 2005 21:55

            Release Notes: Better support for panoramas in the thumbnails page. A password protection feature. The possibility to display "made with" markup at the bottom of pages. This release will try to use hard links when creating an album including the "original" size of images or videos to save disk space. The ability to display EXIF data. This release is fully XHTML Transitional compliant. An sbs theme has been added, and a Debian package is now available.


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