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Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green

Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green (BMTG3) is a multi-player, side-scrolling, 1-dimensional strategy game that pits two people against each other in a duel over a stretch of land. Each player is positioned in a bunker at opposite ends of the map and tasked with deploying the right personnel and vehicles to capture FOBs (forward operating bases) and overrun your enemy's bunker. Currently there are 5 different units available. Timing, unit selection, and basic strategy are all necessary for success.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Feb 2011 02:52

    Release Notes: Code is now version controlled via Google Code with Subversion. A fancy 3D camera aim lag effect was added. There are now 8 levels. The capability exists to do level transistions and story elements. An inno-setup installer was created for Windows installations. Some main loops were improved.

    •  28 Jan 2011 13:30

      Release Notes: Another batch of bugfixes and performance improvements. A bullet drawing glitch where people were shooting themselves in the back has been fixed. Many Update and draw functions have been standardized. Interface initialization has been simplified from 7 parameters to 4, and access to game information has been enhanced. A super-performance mode has been added for really slow things.

      •  16 Sep 2009 18:19

        Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug that caused all your players to explode into a bloody mess. It corrects numerous other bugs and improves performance by over 20% on certain systems. It adds control help messages at the beginning of levels, and smooths out the display of all messages.

        •  15 Sep 2009 09:20

          Release Notes: Many input and user interface changes were made. The inclusion of character feedback, an improved user interface, and a configuration tool are most notable.

          •  10 Sep 2009 09:14

            Release Notes: This version corrects a number of outstanding bugs and also adds an operational multi-player feature.


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