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Bless is a fast and customizable hex editor written in GTK#. It efficiently handles very large files and supports multiple undo-redo actions. There are also plans for the addition of a Lua-based scripting language for binary file manipulation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Aug 2008 14:44

    Release Notes: This version adds read/write support for block devices, saving and rendering speed improvements, and various bugfixes.

    •  31 Aug 2007 20:31

      Release Notes: Bless is now installed in a more standard location, the Areas subsystem has been pluginified, and various bugs have been fixed.

      •  02 Jun 2007 22:01

        Release Notes: A new Select All action, a plugin to perform bitwise operations on data, right-click popup menus, a workaround for a Mono 1.1.x bug that caused incomplete GUI, and various other bugfixes were added.

        •  30 Mar 2007 16:37

          Release Notes: Changes include a new plugin architecture, export functionality, reduced memory usage, a fix for a garbled display issue, localization support, and new ways to select data ranges.

          •  30 Dec 2006 17:25

            Release Notes: The internal architecture of Bless has been radically changed with the introduction of plugins. This release also features a powerful exporter to text and HTML, which can also be extended with plugins. Many bugs, including the annoying garbled display problem, have been fixed.


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