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BladeEnc is a free, cross-platform, console-based MP3 encoder, based on the ISO reference code. It is mostly intended for high quality encoding in high bitrates.


Recent releases

  •  04 Sep 2001 11:09

    Release Notes: A very uncommon crash on certain WAV files has been fixed. Modified FFT calculations that produce the same output and should be slightly faster (your mileage may vary) have been added.

    •  08 Mar 2001 13:00

      Release Notes: This release includes various quality improvements, some memory leak fixes, improved compiler & OS compatibility, and project/make files for various non-unix OS/compiler combinations.

      •  22 Jan 2001 20:53

        Release Notes: A fix for a batch encoding bug, quality and speed improvements, a rewritten autoconf system, some code cleanup, an improved compiler and system support, etc.

        •  10 Jan 2001 18:57

          Release Notes: Backports of safe optimizations from the unstable branch for a speed increase, and some minor improvements.

          •  27 Nov 2000 20:56

            Release Notes: Safe improvements backported from the 0.93.x unstable branch, some speed improvements, support for gapless encoding, autodetection of most systems during compilation and setting of defines accordingly, and updates to the manual and installation instructions.

            Recent comments

            12 Feb 2001 11:37 tordj

            Doesn't lock display and runs nicely in background now...
            Comment about bladeenc locking the display is only valid for very old versions of BladeEnc. BladeEnc now runs nicely in the background as well if you use the -quiet switch or change the progress indicator (-progress=[1-8]) and redirect output to a file in order to supress terminal output.

            10 Aug 2000 01:01 synthesis

            lame encoder
            hey, you arent sposed to advertize on boards like that, are you? anyways tell us how it is better.

            09 May 1999 03:39 cmatsuoka

            BladeWrapper added to the appindex
            BladeWrapper is now available from my page at ( It has also been added to the appindex to allow easy update of the URL should it be necessary.

            14 Feb 1999 02:09 janforsblom

            Download link is wrong...
            It points to older 0.72 version. There are new 0.76 on
            the same directory though.

            31 Jan 1999 10:40 cmatsuoka

            Running bladeenc in background
            I don't know if it happens only with me but I haven't seen anyone complaining about problems with SIGTTIN/SIGTTOU running bladeenc. Anyway, I don't like to leave a display locked for days while encoding a large batch of files in a slow machine so I wrote a very simple wrapper to allow me to run it in background. It is available at (


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