Comments for BlackNova Traders

14 May 2003 13:11 kabalfan

In visiting the forums at for the last 4 months, its clear that the admins dont do much about cheating on their servers.

They haven't had a release in almost a year (11 months as of now), and berate people who post the exploits that exist in their game in the forums or even on sourceforge.

It was a great game once..

27 Apr 2003 17:40 trukfixer

I run this code and used to run it exclusively on my websites. the game can be fun... until the huge bugs start popping out everywhere.. administrating the game has become a royal pain, bugs rarely get fixed right and when they do get fixed at all, they tend to create NEW bugs. I have made so many simple fixes to run the code on my server, and it is ridiculous how the code is put together. You would think somebody would have STANDARDS but this code is so unreadable, it's no wonder there are so many bugs.


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