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Bitflux Editor

Bitflux Editor is a browser-based WYSIWYG XML editor which is written in JavaScript and uses XML, XSLT, and CSS for rendering. It is usable with any XML document and features tables, lists, images, special chars, clipboard, undo/redo, and easy customization.


Recent releases

  •  03 Dec 2004 16:26

    Release Notes: This release adds many small bugfixes to inline markup, editing attributes of XHTML elements, XML comments, copy and paste, and lists. The license has been switched to the Apache Software License 2.0 and the "Document saved" popup has been removed.

    •  03 Dec 2004 16:12

      Release Notes: This release adds mostly little bugfixes since the last RC2 release, but a lot of bugfixes since the latest freshmeat announcement.

      •  05 Jul 2004 11:31

        Release Notes: This version catches unsaved changes when the user leaves the editor, and gives them a chance to save. It also fixes data loss issues with Mozilla 1.7/Firefox 0.9, which have a broken XMLSerializer module.

        •  27 May 2004 10:11

          Release Notes: This release added support for Kupudrawers, plugins, configurable button actions, and soft-breaks. It also added better error reporting and validation checks. Selection, insertion, copy/paste, and namespace issues were fixed and the demos were updated.

          •  26 Feb 2004 19:31

            Release Notes: Deletion of selections does not clear the entire contents anymore. An encoding problem with non-UTF-8 documents is fixed (BXE always sends UTF-8-encoded documents back). The RelaxNG parser recognizes different namespaces in included RelaxNG documents correctly. A new inlineXHTML example uses XHTML instead of simplified Docbook for the editing area. There are improved examples, though they still need further improvements. The API documentation has been updated: non-XHTML inline elements are treated correctly.


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