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Bisect is a code coverage tool for the Objective Caml language.


Recent releases

  •  03 Nov 2012 20:30

    Release Notes: This release introduces a new instrumenter based on the "-ppx" commandline switch of compilers. The report utility now features a "-summary-only" commandline switch to output only a summary (in text mode). A large refactoring has been performed, fixing several minor bugfixes. Bugs #86 ("-ocaml-prefix" doesn't really work), #87 (install shouldn't build anything), and #89 (do not activate warnings by default) have also been fixed.

    •  14 Aug 2012 18:07

      Release Notes: A new "-combine-expr" commandline switch allows combining results according to a given expression. The code has been updated for OCaml 4.00.0. Bugs #95 (polymorphic recursion is not handled) and #104 (configure script should be executable) have been fixed.

      •  12 Feb 2011 13:47

        Release Notes: The code was updated for Objective Caml 3.12.0. A new build system is used. "instrument.cmo" was renamed to "bisect_pp.cmo" (and now depends on "str.cma"). The "safe", "fast", and "faster" instrumentation modes were added. The "-exclude" command-line switch was added to exclude functions from instrumentation. The "(*BISECT-MARK*)" and "(*BISECT-VISIT*)" comments can be used to mark lines. The "(*BISECT-IGNORE-BEGIN*)", "(*BISECT-IGNORE-END*)", and "(*BISECT-IGNORE*)" comments can be used to ignore parts of a source file. Unportable use of "which" was fixed. A compilation error with the thread-compatibility module was fixed. Instrumented code is no longer 20 times slower.

        •  17 Dec 2009 19:02

          Release Notes: This release has switched to OCaml 3.11.1. Multiple outputs are now allowed at once. There are '-enable' and '-disable' command line switches to control instrumentation, support for multi-threaded applications, a new output mode (EMMA-compatible XML), support for ocamlfind installation, and major code refactoring and improvements. Bug #41, '-I' command line switch to specify the search path, has been addressed.

          •  31 May 2009 15:50

            Release Notes: This release has switched to OCaml 3.11.0. It fixes incorrect detection of ocamljava, default make target, incorrect source rendering under Firefox, missing information about global coverage, instrumentation with the -unsafe switch, incorrect handling of array literals, and an unreported bug regarding the handling of an if/then construct with no else. It introduces CSV and XML modes. It has major code refactoring and improvements. Bare text mode has been added. A navigation bar and code folding have been introduced.


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