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BIRD is a dynamic routing daemon for UNIX-like systems. It should support all routing protocols used in the contemporary Internet, such as BGP, OSPF, RIP, and their IPv6 variants. It also features a very flexible configuration mechanism, and a route filtering language.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Apr 2014 15:48

    Release Notes: This release adds an important bugfix in IPv6 BGP.

    •  02 Apr 2014 20:35

      Release Notes: This release adds an important bugfix in BFD.

      •  01 Apr 2014 23:21

        Release Notes: This release adds BGP add-path support (RFC draft) and BGP graceful restart (RFC 4724).

        •  25 Nov 2013 21:24

          Release Notes: This release added BFD support for OSPF and BGP, a new 'allow local as' option for BGP, and filters for setting gw, ifname, and ifindex. The 'delete/filter' filter operator was extended to bgp_paths, and the 'len' filter operator was extended to [e]clists. BIRD client now allows shorthands for non-interactive commands. A -P flag was added for PID file support, and a -f flag was added to force BIRD to run in the foreground. Protocol export/import/receive limits are checked during reconfiguration.

          •  28 Jul 2013 19:04

            Release Notes: This release adds an OSPF stub router option (RFC 3137), TTL security for OSPF and RIP, protocol packet priority and traffic class handling, multiple routing tables support for FreeBSD and OpenBSD, extension of constants to all filter data types, an eval command, an "bgppath ~ int set" filter operation, and several bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            15 Jul 2004 10:38 feela

            Re: A very important project
            For simulation of more routers in one computer use UML. Look at NetKit for a good example.

            20 Aug 2003 08:56 dglaude

            Re: A very important project
            It would be nice to know how it is different from Zebra.

            Also it seems to support multiple routing table, but it seems to lack a way to simulate a network by having multiple virtual router (not using real interface) talking to each other accross virtual interface (I was hoping the protocol "pipe" was that but... no).

            07 Apr 2003 10:16 shaman

            A very important project
            Kudos on bringing a software package out for this.
            There is a real lack of support for OSPF and BGP
            implementations that work on Linux or BSD.


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