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BINS is a valid HTML 4 photo album generator with support for internationalization, EXIF, and customizable charset encoding, including UTF-8 (Unicode). Albums can contains other sub-albums. The appearance of the album can be fully personalized by using template and configuration parameters. The number and size of scaled pictures can be chosen in pixels or percentage of the original image. Several description fields (date, location, etc.) can be associated with the pictures, and you can add additional description fields. A command line utility or a GTK+ GUI can be used to set or edit description fields. BINS can use the EXIF data structure found in some pictures to automatically fill some fields (most notably, date and time) and to produce a page providing all information available on the picture, as well as the DigiCam settings when the photo was taken. All image meta-data are stored in XML files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Aug 2005 05:33

    Release Notes: This release added a search engine, two new template styles (martin and mwolson), support of jpegtran with MMX, some miscellaneous tools, a few bugfixes, and an FAQ.

    •  06 Aug 2005 13:55

      Release Notes: This release adds a Catalan translation, new parameters, and some bugfixes. JPEG comments are now available as image subtext,

      •  24 Oct 2004 19:32

        Release Notes: Some bugs have been fixed. A new version of bins-edit-gui with an album fields editor has been included. A Hungarian translation (hu) has been added.

        •  27 May 2004 16:15

          Release Notes: Two new template styles have been added. More EXIF tags are supported. Some bugs have been corrected.

          •  23 Feb 2004 13:51

            Release Notes: The images in each directory can now be displayed in an arbitrary, custom order. Hot keys were added along with relation links for Mozilla and Opera's navigation bar. First and last links on thumbnail and image pages were added to the default templates. Templates are now installed under /usr/local/share/ bins. A bug on the images list page for custom sizes was fixed, and completion for bash was added. Spanish and Esperanto translations were also added.

            Recent comments

            21 Jan 2006 09:01 Alexander_Blazej

            Easy to use, a great way to put an album onto a CD-ROM or web site
            Most other gallery generation software requires the web sever to have support software (such as a MySQL database or PHP). Because the output of BINS is pre-computed, no such support is needed. This allows me to use BINS to generate an album then just burn the album to a CD-ROM. To post on my web site all I have to do is upload the album and I'm done. BINS comes with several themes to choose from, and you can modify the themes to make your own customized theme to match the look of your web site. BINS is easy to setup, easy to use, easy to distribute and looks great.

            12 Jan 2005 14:38 billbest

            Re: mandrake official 10

            see below

            > Installed all the perl modules via .rpm

            > and tried and tried, went from stopping

            > at live 51 to stopping on bins line 52.



            > Any ideas?


            > peace


            > mark

            i had the same error myself and found the above query whilst looking for a solution to my problem.

            it is a problem with a Perl module not loaded - in the above case i suspect that it is Image::Info

            here's another example:

            Can't locate Data/ in @INC (@INC contains:

            /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/i586-linux /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1


            Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/bin/bins line 63.

            in this case you have to run install the Data::Grove module.

            this worked for me - hope this helps somebody else.




            sheffield, uk

            10 Jul 2004 13:12 paxmark1

            mandrake official 10
            Installed all the perl modules via .rpm and tried and tried, went from stopping at live 51 to stopping on bins line 52.

            Any ideas?



            27 May 2004 13:03 gouldtj

            Description with pictures
            I think that the thing I love most about BINS is the fact that the descriptions are stored with the photos. It seems like every other program wants to store the information on the photos in some internal database, or in a configuration directory. By having the data next to the photos I can move them around together - which is especially important as my photos are in version control. Now I can completely recreate any version of my repository, text and all.

            04 Sep 2002 17:14 stu42j

            This one was just right...
            I have been searching a while for a good html photo album generator. I wanted something simple but not lacking in important features. It had to produce nice looking output and I wanted one that generates static pages. BINS is just about perfect!


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