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09 Apr 2002 03:03 SumDog

I like it
A very well designed guest book. I'm currently using it on my site ( and I've been able to incorporate it very will into my set of tabes. The config is easy and offers several native languages for the user interface. The administration part is also cool, however how to get into it isn't well documented (type bigsam.php?admin=password, by default password is bigsam or something like that).

The functions for heading and footer and clearly marked and can be modified to be used with any website. Overall, I really like this script. It's one of the best, simple, flatfile guestbooks I've found on

My only concern is I wish the author would fix the homepage link

23 Oct 2000 11:57 gezzed

Version 1.1.0
Brand new version with a faster process, and a higher data stability.

18 Jul 2000 12:59 bigsamteam

No problem by now
The Server works well



01 Jul 2000 14:23 karellen

dead link
The link is dead. I really need to try this out, because I
want a PHP guestbook without MySQL/Postgres etc to run it on
a shell where I don't have SQL luxury. Please mail me if you have
it, or fix the link.


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