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BEYE (Binary EYE) is a portable advanced file viewer with a built-in editor for binary, hexadecimal, and disassembler modes. It contains a highlighting Java/AVR/i86-AMD64/ARM-XScale/PPC64 disassembler, full preview of MZ, NE, PE, LE, LX, DOS.SYS, NLM, ELF, a.out, arch, coff32, PharLap, and rdoff executable formats, a code guider, and many other features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 2009 15:01

    Release Notes: Support was added for Intel's AES, AVX and AMD's XOP, FMA4, CVT16 into x86-disassembler.

    •  09 Nov 2009 17:26

      Release Notes: This release adds support for Intel's AES, AVX and AMD's XOP, FMA4, and CVT16 into x86-disassembler.

      •  25 Oct 2009 13:40

        Release Notes: This release fixes execution under Vista-64 and has minor bugfixes in 64-bit mode.

        •  14 Oct 2009 18:27

          Release Notes: Minor 64-bit related fixes.

          •  22 Sep 2009 11:00

            Release Notes: This version was ported to x86_64 operating systems.

            Recent comments

            28 Feb 2010 09:45 nickolsk

            I've renamed the project from biew into beye.

            Good luck!

            03 Jan 2002 19:52 fredlwm

            Re: No sources?
            Yes, but maybe the link should point to or

            03 Jan 2002 18:35 jeffcovey

            Re: No sources?

            > I found no sources at the download page.

            They're clearly marked; don't know what to tell ya.

            03 Jan 2002 10:50 naturelover

            No sources?
            Is it GPL'd? I found no sources at the download page.


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