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12 Dec 2010 19:12 diomidis

Fixed in version 2.35.

03 Oct 2008 03:09 RiteshSood

Hi all,

Here's how I'm invoking bib2xhtml.

bib2xhtml -s alpha -m IEEEabrv -u -c -r -i -d journal -e "${info_str}" ritesh_pubs.bib publications/pub_list.html

The file pub_list.html contains inline citations, and the option "-m IEEEabrv" is to include the BibTeX macro file IEEEabrv.bib.

Problem is that bib2xhtml doesn't seem to handle the macro file properly. I would get errors of the sort "ieee_j_mm not defined"; and the abbreviation is very much defined in IEEEabrv.bib. So I traced that to line 874 of bib2xhtml:
Instead of
push(@citations, "\\bibdata{$bibfile}");
It should be
push(@citations, "\\bibdata{$macrofile$bibfile}");

Also, note that while the .bib extension is explicit in the bibfile, if you give the macro file with a .bib extension, you will get an error. So we have some sort of an inconsistency here. Since the .bib extension in bibfile seems unavoidable (this is how we differentiate b/w a .bib and a .aux file) it would be better to insist that the macro file have the .bib extension also.

Thanks a lot to the author for the wonderful program :)


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