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Kiri's bib2html

Kiri's bib2html is a utility for converting a bibTeX file into HTML format. It will recognize the 'url' field in the bibTeX entries and make appropriate links in the HTML output to the URL location.

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Recent releases

  •  01 Dec 2003 00:54

    Release Notes: This version allows () instead of {} to delineate @entries, text outside @entries, and a final comma in the list of fields. It is no longer case-sensitive for field names. It also handles custom fields (unrecognized) by printing a message (rather than a parse error).

    •  11 Nov 2003 07:48

      Release Notes: This version includes a major architecture change. bib2html now uses a lex/yacc combination, to ease matching {}s, etc. This greatly simplified the lexer, and the grammar is simple. In addition, bib2html now supports "OPT" as a prefix on fields (it ignores those fields). A tilde (~) becomes a non-breaking space, unless it occurs in a URL field. In that case, it is preserved literally. Math markers ($...$) are now preserved. Finally, this version supports PS, PDF, and abstract fields.

      •  07 Jul 2002 18:32

        Release Notes: This release includes several bugfixes that make bib2html more robust to variations in the .bib input file format. Two new types are now supported: @manual and @booklet. Also included is a `make test` facility to enable user testing when installing from source.


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