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bib2html is a converter from a BibTeX database to HTML files. bib2html is a part of the bib2ml suite, which also provides bib2sql and bib2xml tools.


Recent releases

  •  31 Jul 2011 16:37

    Release Notes: The bibtex_entrytype table is now correctly filled with the types of the entries. Bib2sql notifies with a warning when the same author seems to appear many times for the same entry. The command line parameter 'sql-engine' is added for bib2sql. It allows you to specify the SQL engine for which the SQL script should be generated: mysql or pgsql.

    •  27 Jul 2011 06:39

      Release Notes: Major bugs were fixed in the SQL schema used by bib2sql.

      •  22 Mar 2009 23:37

        Release Notes: This release enlarges the scope of the supported syntax for BibTeX entry keys. It adds warning messages to detect missing files during installation. It replaces 'tetex' package suggestions with 'texlive' packages.

        •  15 Mar 2009 14:41

          Release Notes: This release has more support for locale characters. It provides a new sorting algorithm that takes into account the accentuated characters. A running exception on Ubuntu operating systems was fixed.

          •  01 Aug 2008 12:04

            Release Notes: The locale strings of the themes were not loaded in the previous version due to a major bug in the language manager.

            Recent comments

            18 Jul 2003 05:42 NizarK

            10 Jul 2003 05:56 sgalland

            Re: Author names !!
            It is fixed since releace 0.7.

            15 Apr 2003 08:21 NizarK

            Author names !!
            When usig bib2html in my bib file, the generated html files contains only first alphabetic letter for authers !!
            for example in my bib file I have :
            author = {F. Mauguiere and A.M. Brunon and J.F. Echallier and J. Courjon}
            in the generated html files I obtain :
            Author(s) F., A., J. and J.


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